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Left Posterior Stroke - Bilateral Fetal PCOM

77M Patient Presenting with Inbalance and dizziness

Baseline CT Scan in the Emergency Department

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Bilateral Carotid Artery Dissections Causing Retrograde Filling of Ophthalmic Artery

A 40 Year old man presents with unitaleral blindness in the Right eye and RAPD on examination.


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Distal occlusion, use of mCTA

44 year old male with acute onset speech difficulty.

LastSeenNormal (LSN) 2 hours. NIHSS<5 

Baseline imaging: NCCT – 09:02 am

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Poor Collaterals - An Excepted Course

A very young patient presents with saddle PE and acute vascular occlusion. Collateral assessment is key to determining the clinical course. 

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Calcified Embolus

77 year old gentleman presenting with right hemiparesis.  

Baseline imaging: Non-contrast CT Head

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Crossed Cerebellar Diaschesis

Post Subacute Superior Left Cerebellar Infarct


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